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Would you like to offer an unusual and unforgettable gift
to share with family or friends?​


Whether for a special occasion (birthdays, stag parties, hen parties, Christmas, etc.) or for the pleasure of giving, opt for our gift vouchers!

3 possibles options :

- Gift voucher to print yourself, sent by email within 24 hours.​

- Cardboard gift voucher, sent by regular mail within 24 hours maximum: +€5

​- Cardboard gift voucher + Wine box (1 or 2 bottles + Corkscrew) sent by    UPS within 3 working days - contact us for box customization and costs    of port


Your gift voucher contains a unique code and is valid for one year from the date of purchase.The beneficiary will be able to add players to his team (8 players maximum); you will simply have to pay the difference when finalizing your reservation.


We are of course at your disposal for any questions so do not hesitate to call us on +337 66 01 30 76 or send us an email to

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